Description Edit

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The longest held piece of human land in the World of Kiln, the Elban Republic is a collection of small independent

cities and villages bound together by a constitutional parliament. Their cities are largely heavily walled and constructed of sandstone and baked tile, while their outlying villages are constructed from local materials. The majority of the Republic's lands are prairie and pasture land, with low hills rising to a few short mountain ranges. Heavy with forests and streams as well, the population is spread out of a huge territory, though ferries and barges make for quick transportation.

Unsurprisingly, the heraldry for the city guard, army, and Senate, is that of a pig gone wild.

Economy Edit

The Elban Republic is run by a parliament of duly elected senators who, predominately, are business men and merchants of good standing in the economy. As such, taxes are kept low, and business is encouraged. Their exports include wheat, processed dried goods, honey, apples, copper, tin, and lead. While their smiths are not as fine as those found in Kir, a good deal of finished iron goods, including barrel hoops, horse shoes, nails, and ornamental work are sold successfully in foreign lands. Their main imports are furs, lumber, clay, whale oil and natural ground oil, kerosene, and dragon powder.

"Two in the purse is worth one on the shelf. Always be selling." The informal motto of the Elban Republic.

Politics Edit

Wholesale Mercantile and Colonial Expansion. The Parliament has been investing in plantations, mines, and land in foreign climes for years, establishing haciendas and factories with their own small guard and infrastructure, in an attempt to keep their yearly growth positive. This has led to no small amount of trouble with other forwards looking kingdoms, including the ill fated and named Elbow War.

Notable Locations Edit

  1. College of Celestial Wizards
  2. Yitzhak Ivory's Grand Observatory
  3. Ebony Spire
  4. The Grand Market

Settlements Edit

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