Rules & Etiquette Edit

Rules Edit

  1. Do not deliberately seek to act in a cruel or patronizing manner. Drama stays to PMs.
  2. Characters must be written explicitly for a high or black powder fantasy setting.
  3. Technology must precede Renaissance-era levels. Wheelock pistols, arquebuses, small cannon, and grenadoes are acceptable, but expensive, and rare.
  4. If you are asked to take a roleplay involving more extreme kinks such as Vore, Scat, Watersports, or Ageplay to a PM, please do so.
  5. All kingdoms, towns, mercenary companies, etc that have their own spots on either the map or wiki should maintain a certain level of activity. Ideally, they should log in and role play at least once a month, otherwise you run the risk of being deleted.
  6. If you are having a problem with another player please try to resolve it between yourselves in a PM before reaching out to contact a moderator. Screenshots are preferable at this point to provide a log for moderators.
  7. Acceptable races are all standard fantasy races, including celestials, demons, and gods (within reason. Their power will be capped for the room). Anthropomorphic races such as kobolds, lizardmen, etc are okay, but furries are not. Please bring a genre appropriate character with you, or write one. 

Etiquette Edit

Be conscious that this is a story and community driven role play community. If asked to take something extreme to a private room, please do so. We are here to encourage, not repulse.

Yes, there is magic. Yes, it makes your character pretty cool. No, it is not a fix-all in this setting that will allow you to destroy whole cities and guarantee your victory over everyone. Before engaging in an RP where magic will be a determining factor take a deep breath, and try to keep your magic balanced. It is also a good idea to talk things out with your partner before fully committing to the role play. 

When joining an in-progress RP between two or more others you should take the time to introduce yourself in the OOC and ask if you can join, either in a PM, or the OOC room. It is polite to do so, you never know if this is a story they've had planned out for a while. Be constructive, not disruptive. 

This is a player driven room, and the contents of the map and Wiki all potentially are somebody else's work. Check the wiki before deciding to build or add to the world so as to avoid stepping on toes. 

Joining the Story Edit

So, you've found our room and are excited to join in on the fun. What should you do first? Follow what is happening in the IC, chat with our players in the OOC, and maybe, if you have the time, take a peek at the Wiki entries here to get a feel for how the world is presently, and what you might want to contribute to it. After that it's as simple as finding a player or two to write with, and you're off! Good luck and happy writing.

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