Description Edit

The Kingdom of Kir is in fact a small mercantile republic made up of three smaller dwarven kingdoms. Ranging from the Mountains of Kir in the northwest, to the White Cliffs of Albar to the south, their land holdings are perhaps the most substantial in all of Kiln. Recent colonial expansion has seen the inclusion of the eastern wastes of Deluze, where dwarven glassworks have begun to pop up.

Economy Edit

While famed for the quality of their arms and cannon, the Kingdom of Kir has recently been seeing a massive influx in wealth for the creation and outfitting of armed fleets. Dwarven mercenaries, including the famed conquistdwarf's with their axe headed bayonets, and wickedly accurate arquebuses, command top coin across the realm. Other sources of income are wheat, finished iron and steel products, glass and ale.

From their vast natural resources, lumber, paper, rope, and coal have also begun to flow in trade, though dwarven coal, often burned down to coke to heat their massive forges. A growing popularity for 'rustic dwarven fare' has taken a few of the human kingdoms and republics to the far south. To this end, tinned shrimps, and smoked eels have begun to be transported south in squat dwarven ice ships.

Politics Edit

The tripartite crown of Kir is a major mercantile player throughout the rest of the world, but remains fairly tepid when it comes to colonial expansion. This is because their three kings have agreed to remain modest in their expenditures, preferring to bank gold rather than spend it chasing down foreign lands.

Settlements Edit

Notable Locations Edit

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