The Port of Albar is the only blue water port available to the Dwarven Courts of Kir. Located on the southernmost edge of Kir's political holdings, Albar is a stunningly broad complex of half submerged docks and shipwrights carved into the living stone of the cliffs of Albar that has become a cosmopolitan melting pot in its own right. Elves, dwarves, men, and even orcs can be seen openly walking the streets. In Albar, it is the color of your gold, not your skin, that will get you respect. Nearly a quarter of a mile high, the white stone cliffs of Albar are veined with seams of garnet. Below, thousands of lamps and torches glitter in the recessed complex, where one can find taverns, inns, bordellos, armorers and smelteries. If you have need of a crew, a group of mercenaries, a warm bed, or work, Port Albar is the place.

Economy Edit

As the major trade hub of Kir, it is mostly gold, gromril, and whale oil that come in to Port Albar, while ale, fine swords, cannon, and dragon powder to fire them goes back out. With recent developments in merchant politics, elven silks and human woodwork have also been seen arriving, along with fresh grown produce, wine, and increasingly, molasses. Pirates and legitimate privateers have set up a swelling black market trade as well if you know where to look.

Notable Businesses Edit

  • The Vainglory Tavern is the one that set the standard for rough and tumble. The bare wenches here are liable to pin your hand to the table with a knife as soon as let you touch rump. But, if you don't mind the lack of warmth, its ale is fresh, its stew is hot and made of identifiable meat, and you'll find no better place to find yourself mercenary work as a privateer than here. Run by the imposing and spherical Mad Stump Burk, it is rumored the halberd he keeps over the bar has killed more men in defense of his tavern than in the field when he was a commissioned soldier. 
  • Dirk mac Lir, both a dwarf and a business, is a shipwright of remarkable skill, who has turned out of of the finest warships seen on Kiln. More than once privateer owes his success to the sheer quality of the boat beneath his feet. 
  • Soft Gold Pillow is a brothel with clean men and women from across all races in the world of Kiln. If you have the coin you will enjoy yourself. Be wary of the owner, though, if you plan to cheat the house. It is rumored that Elga, the dwarven Madame, keeps several drow sorcerers in her employ to track down deadbeats, and woman beaters. 

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