Description Edit

The city of faras by rodmendez-d6ffh7r

The largest of the cities in the Elban Republic, the City of Morrow rests between the split of the Bell River.

Tall towers made from white stone and clay dominate the city skyline, rising in staggered circles towards the Parliament Building itself at the very center of the city. The City of Morrow is a sea of red tiled roofs, beautiful archways and small gardens and vegetable gardens. Fountains are commonly found for public use, and the streets are fine brick, bordered by businesses, inns, and offices. The outskirts of the city hold the blacksmiths, glassblowers, and community buildings. Along with several fine estates still within the city walls. The wealthiest citizens own haciendas outside of the city itself, and commute in by carriage when business needs attending to.

The city itself is comprised of a shifting multitude, but it is estimated there may be at least one to two million people living in its walls.

Armed Forces Edit

Morrow has four separate armies at its defense, including a city funded force of spearmen, crossbowmen, and armored cavalry in the old fashion; the mercenary company of Goldshield, comprised of Kir dwarven arquebusiers, axemen, pikemen, and grenadwarfs; the home guard of the Merchant Prince of Morrow, whose numbers and organization are known to few, and the holy order of Llemnos, Goddess of Sea and trade, formed of paladins wielding armor and greatswords in the old way. All told, it is estimated there are more than 6,000 warriors at any given time in Morrow.

Notable Locations Edit

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