Hello and welcome Kilners! Today is the first day of drafting up this new world for black powder mid to high fantasy role playing. I'm adding a few of the basic factions, and short descriptions to their notable locations and cities, but as this project is intended to be player driven I am keeping things deliberately vague for now until we have new talented writers coming in to help fill her out!

To start with, we have the dwarf lands of Kir, who are the gunsmiths and artificers of our world, as well as the turning-a-blind-eye fences for the goods of pirates and privateers in the Albar Port.

For those of you who just can't get by without being a rakish and competent human, we have the lands of the Elban Republic, great traders and seafarers who are known for their soldiers, and overall mercantile cunning. Be sure to visit the City of Morrow if you want to get started making gold, friends, and enemies.

I'm looking forward to seeing this project grow as more of you come onboard from our other community. Be well, and happy writing! I hope to see you all in chat. 

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